The Most Powerful Trucks Known to Man – See the List

Trucks are one of the most versatile pieces of an automobile the industry has to offer these days, ranging from the barebones, utilitarian trucks meant to carry the workload, to the top range that can do just that, but while also offering creature comforts simultaneously.

As trucks become ridiculously luxurious and expensive, they are beginning to get even more insane amounts of power figures, with some trucks having so much power that they could pull on a sports car at the stoplights and still win, by a significant length. So, without wasting any more time, let’s delve into some of the most powerful trucks.

1. 2021 RAM 1500 TRX

The RAM brand is no stranger to car and truck enthusiasts, a subsidiary of Dodge, the two companies have lots of similarities between their cars, which is what you’ll see in the 1500 TRX. RAM went ahead and shoved a slightly detuned version of the 6.2L Dodge Challenger Hellcat motor into 1500, giving it performance figures like no other truck.

It has 702 freedom-breathing Horsepower, zero to 60 MPH in just 4.1 seconds, and a top speed of 118MPH that’s limited due to the tire ratings of the truck. You could swap the tires and go faster by deleting the limiter but that would void your warranty and your ability to go off-road. Still, this truck is one hell of a beast.

2. 2004-2006 Dodge RAM SRT10

It seems that Dodge and RAM are no strangers to building fast pickup trucks, and it is evident from their presence on this list. The RAM SRT10 is also one of RAM’s Frankenstein creations, it received the 8.3-liter V10 engine straight out of the Dodge Viper. 0-60mph is in 4.9 seconds, with a top speed of 154 mph, which was on par with decent sports cars at the time, and it makes 500 horsepower with a humongous 700 pound-feet of torque.

Towing performance is mediocre, is rated at 7,500 pounds, you wouldn’t exactly buy this speed demon for towing. The SRT10 sold at a reasonable-for-its-performance price of $47,605 which is $67,652 in today’s money.

3. Toyota Tundra TRD

In June 2008, Toyota began offering a bolt-on supercharger as a dealer option when purchasing the car brand new, a bolt-on, meaning that no additional modifications would have to be made to the engine, except for the supercharger and its supporting components.

The supercharger once added made the 5.7l v8 engine push 504 HP and 550lb-ft of torque, it took 4.4 seconds to achieve 60mph from a standstill and could tow 10,300 lbs, which was no improvement over the stock Tundra, the supercharger was to improve speed figures and it succeeded in it pretty well.

4. Ford F150 Raptor

The Ford F150 Raptor is known by many off-road enthusiasts as a very capable off-roader and a truck that puts out modest amounts of power that makes it a stout driver on road.

It’s a rowdy off-roader when in its habitat at rocky trails or muddy jungle trails, the raptors got you covered. Its twin-turbo v6 punches out 450 horsepower and 510 lb/ft of torque, which is modest compared to some other trucks in this list, but it weighs around 5000 pounds which is less than the other trucks.

5. 2020 Ford F350 Powerstroke

The Ford F350 is known for its solid reliability and immense towing capabilities, the f350 is a moniker for reliability is the first diesel truck on this list. Diesel is known for very good mileage and ideal for towing due to the fact that they make an enormous amount of torque and the Powerstroke is a prime example.

Its 6.7-litre engine generates 450 horsepower and a mind-boggling 1050 pound-feet of torque that enables the F350 to tow upwards of 24,000 pounds.

6. Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The Silverado 1500 with its beating heart, the legendary 5.3 v8, delivers 420hp and 46 pound-feet of torque at your disposal, the truck comes in many configurations such as double cabs or a longer bed, which will change performance figures, regardless of what you choose, it will be one of the most powerful trucks on the market and with a towing capacity of 9,800 pounds.

It certainly is a strong competitor to all of the cars on this list. Its twin is the GMC Sierra 1500 which is the same car but with better amenities and a well-appointed, luxurious car.

7. Ford SVT Lightning

Last but not the least, the lightning is Ford’s legendary pickup that set records when released new in 2001, it sold roughly two thousand units during its limited 3-year run.

It was powered by Triton V8 which was supercharged, this package meant that the Lightning was propelled from 0-60 in under 5 seconds. Rare examples of the SVT Ford go for big money these days as they have become exceptionally rare.

There are many trucks that are offered by manufacturers, which can have high-performance figures, but they are very expensive as they are usually one-off limited production cars. Tuner companies like Hennessey and Shelby also have many offerings, which are tuned versions of the same consumer cars, but they couldn’t be included in these lists are they are very rare and in small numbers.

If you want a high-end performance truck, you might be better off with a standard truck and then modifying it to your needs.