The 10 Features Your Vehicle Should Always Have

Watching all the cars race through the freeway will tell you that they almost look the same. You may only differentiate them through their color, size, shape, and speed. And even if you look closer at them in the wide parking lot of Walmart, still, you might not spot much difference.

They all look similar. You may only find a few more details that separate them besides the shade, size, and shape. This is because what really differentiates a car from all the rest is what is inside.

Indeed, you can see the difference when you enter the inside of a car. It is upon this time that you may have to gasp in awe. Let’s face it. Will you gush over a luxurious limo upon seeing it only from the outside? Probably no. Limos just look like elongated boxes from the outside.

It is only when you enter its doors that you start feeling the luxury around you. The same is true with service cars. You may start appreciating them more when you are inside, much more when you are behind the wheels.

Car owners invest in-car features for various reasons. Aside from increasing the market and aesthetic value of their most cherished possession, additional features enhance a car’s efficiency, make it homier, improve fuel consumption, and level up its entertainment and safety measures. For all these reasons, investing in-car features is truly worth your money. Here are some car features that you should prioritize to have in your car if you still don’t have them:

Home Assist Device Connectivity

Many times when we are rushing out of the house to get into the car, we may forget locking the front door or turning off the TV. With home assist device connectivity, you need not return home because it is possible to do the job while you are driving away to your destination. You can also turn on your security cameras at home so you can monitor your property or watch over your young children. Indeed, this feature can add to your peace of mind while being away.

Head-Up Display

This feature prevents you from looking off the road. Certainly, it adds up to your safety. A head-up display allows you to look at vital information like speed, navigation, and fuel level without having to look down the dashboard. You can also access the entertainment system directly from this feature.

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Wi-Fi Hotspot

Having a Wi-Fi hotspot in your car will free you from having to go to rush to public places where there is free Wi-Fi if you need to use the internet. You don’t have to line up your car in the parking lot of malls anymore. If you have passengers, this can be a way to give them entertainment during a long drive.

Fast-Charging USB Outlets

The USB outlet in your car may not be fast charging and may not also support simultaneous charging of more devices. You may need to have a fast-charging USB outlet to make sure that all your devices are charged up fully before reaching your destination.

Multi-Zone Climate System

This feature is a leveled-up version of the dual climate system where the front seats can adjust their cabin temperature. With the multi-zone climate system, the rear seats have a temperature control of their own to ensure the comfort of every passenger.

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Blind Spot Alert

A blind-spot alert can give you an audible or visual warning if you are about to hit something. This will prevent you from inflicting damages to other cars and lives and your own as well.

Auto-Dimming Mirrors

The glare from the rearview mirror can be blinding at night which can result in road accidents. To reduce the glare of bright lights from cars behind you, an auto-dimming mirror is all you need.

Keyless Entry

Opening your car using car keys looks outdated nowadays. Most modern cars now use FOB technology or remote control. This way you can open the car door with just a push of a button. You should also have this in your car trunk.

Road Suspension

An electronically-operated suspension machine will allow you to drive smoothly whether you are driving through the paved streets of the city or the rugged roads of the country sides.

Track Pace

If you like to drive fast as if you are in an auto race competition, a track pace is essential for you to have. It gives you information about your performance.

Indeed, there’s a lot of car features that can cater to our specific needs and priorities. Having them will surely let you love your car all the more.