Let’s Explore The Car Technology Of The Future

Long before the New Millennium, who would have predicted the many car innovations that we have right now? From predictive automobile technology to automatic beam control, backup cameras, smart home integration, versatile cruise control, and biometric seat technology, among others, we are now enjoying what seems like a dream in the not so distant past. These car innovations that met us at the turn of the century are truly amazing that kept every car owner longing for more.

Technology-driven car enthusiasts will not be disappointed as more car innovations will be out in the coming years. Car technologies that are yet to be seen are in the research and planning stages while others are nearing perfection before they will be out for all of us to enjoy. It may only be a matter of time that we are going to have the first-hand experience of these innovations that will surely make our life behind the wheels more efficient and enjoyable.

You may have heard of some of the following car technologies that are in the production stage and finalization stages. Some are already being used but are still limited to a few cars. Others may seem out of this world yet. But we only have to wait and trust that these car innovations will hit the road in our lifetime for us to savor.

Brain-Assisted Automobiles

Accidents can happen in a split of a second. If it could have been automatic that the brain and hands can have simultaneous reactions, many accidents can be prevented. Nissan is out to make this happen with its brain-to-vehicle technology which can speed up hand reaction by half a second. To achieve this, you may have to wear a wireless headset that is full of electrodes. These innovations will surely decline road accidents immensely.


Voice Command Receptive Cars

A vehicle that can receive more voice commands will be very useful to every driver. A car that finds parking once a voice command is made is truly amazing. And it does not end there. It can lead you to your programmed preferences, like the nearest available space or the least expensive parking area. Indeed, life can become much easier behind the wheels with this car technology.


Driverless Autos

A leveled up version of voice command receptive cars are self-driving cars. This technology has already been tried by Audi and Google and it was a success. Only time will tell when this innovation will be available for everybody else. If cars will soon be self-driving, then the driver’s seat, the steering wheel, and other parts of our traditional cars will soon be defaced.

How soon will these driverless cars be kings of our roads and highways? We still don’t know. But when that time comes, vehicular accidents may be a thing of the past because there are no more distracted and unscrupulous drivers.


A Doctor by Your Side

If you have high blood pressure, high sugar levels, and other medical conditions, anything can happen while you are driving. A spike in your BP can lead to some ugly scenarios. Ford is leading in this department by developing an electrocardiography reader. This technology monitors the condition of the heart through sensors. In the future, more innovations may be coming that may be able to determine your blood sugar levels and other important vital signs.


Mechanical Diagnostics

An automobile that will be able to determine where the car malfunction originates will surely get you out of stressful moments when you experience a vehicular breakdown while on the highway. These cars may also know the closest mechanic and book an appointment. Indeed, life can be so good with this kind of car.


More Intelligent Dashboard

Car dashboards, at the moment, include the speedometer, odometer, tachometer, engine coolant temperature gauge, and fuel gauge. It has also a gearshift position indicator, turn indicator, seat belt warning light, engine malfunction light, and parking-brake warning light. With cars of the future, they use in-car displays to give information thru the dashboard. These are called augmented reality cars. They can detect a fast-approaching car which will prevent you from a head-on collision. They can also provide other information like the condition of the road and many more.


Indeed with this technology-driven world that we are living in right now, what many may be imagining right now can be the reality in the near future. When it comes to car technology, there seems to be no limit on how it can still improve. Our only hope is that for us to experience most of them while we are still here.