Harley Davidson vs Yamaha vs Honda – We Make The Pick

Whether you are going for long-distance travel, cruising, commuting, or racing, you can always find a motorcycle model that will serve your purpose. For now, the top three names that may come into the motor-riding enthusiast’s mind must be Harley Davidson, Yamaha, or Honda. While Harley Davidson has history on its side, having been in the business since 1903, Yamaha and Honda have seemingly caught up by infusing the latest technology in their models. All three motorcycle brands are well-known globally when it comes to consumer awareness.

When choosing between the three to buy your new motorcycle, you may need to dig deep even for minute details as there seem so little to separate them. No brand owns all the categories used to compare them. You will see.


When it comes to power, Harley Davidson may still be the king. The V-Muscle’s 1,697 cc V4 engine which can put out 2000 horsepower and 167 Nm of torque is still beyond compare. Yamaha uses a 1,250 cc V-twin engine for 122 horsepower and 110 Nm of torque. On the other hand, Honda has a 1,000 cc V-shaped 4-cylinder engine.

Honda and Yamaha may look way behind in this department on paper. Experience, nevertheless, proves that they are far more impressive than average.


Honda and Yamaha motorbikes have more semblance to sports bikes. In contrast, Harley Davidson is more of a cruiser type. In 2.66 seconds, the V-Muscle can go from zero to a hundred. In comparison, the V-Max can accomplish that in 3.06 seconds. Despite that, Honda’s Super Bird still owns the record as the fastest on earth.
To some riders who tried all three brands, Yamaha is said to be the best at ‘cornering.’


Fuel Efficiency

A fuel-efficient motorcycle will help you save money. You may also cover a longer distance without emptying your tank. It is well-known that Yamaha and Honda motorbikes are best when it comes to fuel efficiency, which cannot be said of a Harley Davidson.



When riding a Harley Davidson, you will feel that you are much taller than when on a Yamaha. This is because it has a higher seat height while in an upright riding position. The Yamaha has a lower seat by 35 mm which you will be riding in a “Harley” position. Honda, on the other hand, has a new model that allows you to be in any position whichever is more comfortable. The Harley Davidson has also a wider stance.


Except for the Honda Goldwing, Harley Davidson models are generally heavier than their Yamaha and Honda counterparts. The heavier the motorbike is, the more it is more stable. The advantage of lighter motorbikes, like Honda and Yamaha, is that they are easier to handle.



As they are more akin to a sports bike, Yamaha and Honda bikes are more versatile as they are suitable for a wider variety of riding options. People use these bikes for recreation, sports, and long-distance travel.


Running Quality

Yamaha and Honda are neck-to-neck in this department. Both have smooth-running engines. They also produce less noise. This may not be so true with the Harley Davidson which is known to produce louder noise which may be irritating to some people.



The true value of owning a Harley Davidson may not be on the retail price you paid for it. It is more on being part of rich history. Being in the business for more than a century, there is no question that Harley Davidson is the more tested brand. However, we are in the New Millennium, and that is what Honda and Yamaha motorbikes are all about.

There can be more areas of comparison that can be discussed, like comfort, reliability, and aesthetics, among others. But for reasons that people have different perceptions on these aspects, it may not be necessary to include them.

So, what’s our pick? We may have to say, it is Harley Davidson when you are looking for a powerful motorbike, imposing stature and real value. For all other reasons, it is a cross between Yamaha and Honda.

As a last piece of advice, you should know your purpose before making the final decision. Are you buying a motorbike plainly for commuting? Or will it be purely for cruising the city’s highways? When you are very much certain with your purpose, there is no way that you will not get the right motorbike, whether it be a Harley Davidson, a Yamaha, or a Honda.