Best Flat Tow Vehicles For 2022 | See Our List

Are you looking for the best flat tow vehicles? When it comes to flat towing, there are a few different options for your vehicle. Typically, you will want to go with the most durable and capable vehicle that you can afford. In this article I’ll take a look at some of the best flat tow vehicles on the market and why you may want one over another.


The Jeep Wrangler is the best flat tow vehicle for you if you love to go off-road. It’s the only SUV in this list, but it has all the features of a traditional truck and then some. With its flat tow mirror, flat tow receiver and 4×4 capability, you won’t have to worry about taking your camping or fishing trip down a dirt road once you get there!

This is because these vehicles are designed as workhorses and built sturdy enough to handle heavy loads while still maintaining their speed on paved roads.


The M35a2 is a 4×4 military truck that’s also used as a flat-tow vehicle. This truck has a 6.5-liter turbo-diesel V8 engine and capable of carrying a payload of 12,000 pounds!

Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee is a great all-around vehicle for any driver. It has a strong engine, which makes it easy to get up to speed on the highway. The interior also includes many features that make your time on the road comfortable, including heated seats and automatic climate control.

The Cherokee’s safety features are also impressive with its seven airbags, backup camera and blind spot monitoring system. You’ll feel safe in this vehicle because of its stability at high speeds and anti-lock brakes—which help you stop quickly when needed!

The Jeep Cherokee is an affordable SUV that offers plenty of comfortability while driving around town or off-road trails!

Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the most powerful vehicles on this list, with a V8 engine and very good fuel economy. The Land Cruiser also has a strong towing capacity, making it ideal for hauling large loads like trailers or boats. The Land Cruiser’s off-road capabilities are unrivaled among other similarly priced vehicles in its class; even though it’s not an SUV, it can easily navigate through mud puddles and sand dunes like no other car on Earth.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is equipped with top safety features such as automatic emergency braking (AEB), lane departure alert with steering assist (LDWAS), adaptive cruise control (ACC), blind spot monitor warning indicators, rear cross traffic alert warning indicators and more!

Jeep J10

The Jeep J10 is a great vehicle for flat towing. It has the power you need to tow your trailer with ease, and it also has the capability of handling off-roading. If you’re looking for a solid flat towing vehicle but also want something that can handle tricky terrain, this is it.

In addition to being able to tow your trailer easily and safely, this vehicle is ideal if you plan on going camping or hiking regularly with your family. It comes equipped with multiple storage compartments (including a cargo bed) so that everything stays organized while you’re out in nature or exploring new places.

Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel 4×4

The Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel 4×4 is a great truck for hauling large loads. It has a 6.7L Cummins Diesel Engine, which provides you with plenty of power to get through any type of terrain. The truck also comes with an 8-Speed Automatic Transmission and Hill Descent Control, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck on a hill.

The Ram 3500 has an optional Air Suspension System that makes it easier to haul heavy loads without damaging the vehicle or tires. You also get Trailer Sway Control and other features like:

  • 3:73 Rear Axle Ratio
  • Electronic Roll Mitigation

This all adds up to make this flatbed one of the best options on the market today!

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

This is the flat tow vehicle to beat. It has a 6.2L V8 engine, four-wheel drive and can tow up to 3,500 pounds or carry 7,000 pounds of payload capacity. This truck will do it all—and then some!

Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline is one of the best flat tow vehicles for towing a boat. It has a strong, very durable frame and suspension system that can handle the weight of your boat. It also has low ground clearance, which allows you to easily get under your trailer when backing up or parking in tight spaces. The fuel economy is another reason why this pickup truck is a popular choice for flat towing: it gets over 20 miles per gallon on average!

The Honda Ridgeline is also a great option if you have an RV camper or fifth wheel trailer that needs to be towed behind your vehicle. This type of vehicle has high ground clearance, so no worries about getting stuck in the mud when going off-road with those types of campers—you’re covered!

Best Features Of Flat Tow Vehicles

  • Flat tow vehicles are designed to be used as work trucks. These vehicles are built with a low center of gravity, which makes them ideal for off-road use, and they have a high ground clearance so you can drive over rough terrain without getting stuck or damaging the underside of your vehicle. They also have a high weight capacity, which means that they can carry heavy loads without any issues.
  • Flat tow vehicles are built with a cab-forward design. This allows for more space behind the driver’s seat, giving you more room to store tools and equipment when you’re using your truck as a work vehicle!

Final Thoughts

So, did we cover everything? Is there anything else to know about flat-towing your vehicle? If so, a simple search on YouTube could do the trick to watch and compare the various flat tow vehicles. There are lots of options available that you can preview. We hope this list of features and our research will help you decide which vehicle is right for your needs. Here’s to seeing you in your next flat tow vehicle!